Sparkling Tropical Infusion of Mango, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Lime in Pure Sparkling Australian Spring Water infused with

BeautyAqua Signature` Blend of Essential Health & Beauty Supplements ~ to Restore & Replenish your Hydration, Moisture levels, Radiance & Cellular Support

Tremella mushroom has 2000 x more moisture retention capabilities than hyaluronic acid. Combined with the hyaluronic acid in BeautyAqua ~ this is a fierce combination for amplifying your internal moisture replenishment & retention

Refresh ~ Delight ~ Captivate*


Featuring ~ Glycine L -Proline Hyaluronic Acid & Tremella Snow Mushroom extract pure cold pressed) +

100% of your daily RDI of Vit C, E, Zinc & B3 Niacinamide + Electrolytes

Natural Sweetener

Daily Nutrients & Moisture Replenishment


Sparkling Passionfruit & Pineapple Spritzer` with delicate floral notes of pure White Lotus flower & Waratah flower extracts

Hyaluronic acid rapidly hydrates ~ whilst carrying an array of nutrients deep into your cells. Glycine, magnesium & white lotus flower calm your nervous system, relax your muscles & promote feelings of tranquility contentment support & wellbeing, as organic apple polyphenols nourish your good gut biome & boost mood.

Hydrate is your everyday, every-way companion .. a delightful complement to every lifestyle occasion.


Featuring BeautyAqua Signature` Blend plus L- Proline additional Hyaluronic acid

Pure cold pressed White Lotus Flower & Waratah Extracts

100% of your daily RDI of Vit C, E, Zinc & B3 Niacinamide

+ Electrolytes ~ Polyphenols & Amino Acids

Sugar Free Indulgence, to Support Radiance ~ Relaxation & Wellbeing 


Delicious Vitality Refreshment

Sparkling & tastefully unique blend of Woody ~ Bitter & Smokey notes balanced with naturally sweet Australian Kakadu Plum

BeautyAqua Energy is a Non Caffeinated Energy, Vitality & Clarity Boost ~ Sugar Free ~ Mood Elevation ~ Higher Frequency Beverage ~ that also Nourishes your Body, Mind & Complexion with a Huge yet Delicious Boost of Vitamins & Nutrients for Overall Health, Radiance & Energy

Featuring ~ BeautyAqua Signature` Blend of Health & Radiance Supplements, plus SantEnergyNu, Ginseng extract & Beetroot extract.

100% of your daily RDI of Vit C E Zinc & B3 Niacinamide)

+ Electrolytes + Polyphenols + Amino Acids Hyaluronic acid

Energising Plant Extract – Santa Yerba in Herbal Energy Ingredient SantEnergyNu has been enjoyed as a sacred ceremonious tea since ancient times. It has the same stimulating & metabolism boosting effects as caffeine

Mood Enhancement, Energy Vitality Clarity

BeautyAqua Energy ~ is a perfectly healthy alternative, to coffee or synthetic energy drinks & makes an excellent alcohol alternative

Foaming head when poured over ice ~ performs like a cider on the pallet. 

After Party

Delicate ~ Intriguing & Refreshing ~ Peach & Green Tea Spritzer`

Comfort, Nourish, Hydrate, Replenish & Restore

BeautyAqua After Party is your Best Friend & LifeLine when you are feeling depleted, hungover of just rundown from a busy & exhausting day.

BeautyAqua After Party Potent Formula – Replenishes, Nourishes, Comforts, Hydrates, Restores, Rejuvinates and Protects

Glycine helps to Restore your Nervous System ~ Liver & Collagen Cells. while Resveratrol Replenishes and Protects Cells. Organic Elderflower helps to Detoxify the system while Hyaluronic Acid Moisturises. Polyphenols and Quandong Feed Good Gut Biome ~ promote Mood Enhancement & Clear Brain fog. Vit C, E, Zinc, & Niacinamide act as Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory, UV Protecting Radiance & Cellular Function & Energy Support

Featuring ~ BeautyAqua Signature` Blend of Vitamins & Nutrients- plus Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed, Organic Elderflower Extract & Gorgeous Unique Australian Quandong Extracts- cold pressed )

+ 100% of your daily RDI of Vit C E Zinc & Niacinamide

+ Electrolytes + Polyphenols + Hyaluronic Acid + Amino Acids

A Sparkling Refreshment with Delicate Intriguing Flavours & a Huge Boost of Cellular Support